September 4, 2012

Yesterday was a good day.

Monday, Labor Day 2012, I woke up and went to the National Improving Birth rally in Phoenix. (There were over 35 cities in the US participating) and it was encouraging women and mothers to get educated on birth. This wasn't a natural or home birth rally, but a get to know the facts rally. For the amount of money the US spends in maternity care, we rank very poorly when it comes to outcomes. These days 1 in 3 women are getting a cesarean. I know many c-sections are unnecessary and save lives, but that rate is extremely high. This is due partially to unnecessary inductions. Did you know babies know when they need to be born? They send hormones to the mothers body 2 weeks before to let her body know and get prepared for the birth. Aren't our bodies amazing? Also babies brains continue to develop all the way up to birth. When a baby is induced unnecessarily, of course, there are often complications. It's so important to get educated in anyway you can to have an informed, safe, positive birth experience. :) I promise this is coming from a place of love and sharing information rather than judgement. I support and love mothers no matter their birth preferences/experience/choices/etc!


More photos from the Phx Rally...


So it was a good positive experience at the rally on Monday. We talked with lots of different women with different political, cultural backgrounds and beliefs. So great to be united as women and mothers (and fathers and grandmothers!!!) My husband and mom joined me and waved those signs on the sidewalk in the sun like nobody knows! I've been blessed to be so supported in my birthing choices. Also I just love being around that many babies and families. I'm pro family. :)

Frederick is growing up so fast!! He will be 1 year old in a couple if weeks! He is getting good at walking in shoes and is just so curious. He's laid back but also very serious about things. He loves laughing with his mom, dad, uncle Joe. He babbles on and on all day. No real words yet besides "Mom!!!!" Love him so much.

So on with the good day. After the rally we ate at Zoe's Kitchen in Phx. I'm not a fan of many chain restaurants but it was really good! It was a very pleasant experience. Fred loves olives and hummus and pita and green pepper and everything else we give him.


Then to IKEA where I ran in and grabbed a high chair tray. We got one of their high chairs a few months ago and the trays, sold separately, we're out of stock. I recommend that high chair, by the way. It's simple, cheap, and you can pull it right up to the table. Lately it has been easier to make dinner or do the dishes when I set him in there and give him some food. IKEA was insanely packed but I got that tray and got out of there in less than 10 minutes, feat accomplished.

Then we went back to my parents home and hung out with my dad and brother, Joe. We got through 1 successful round of Phase 10 before Frederick got into mischief and needed major attention and a bath, the third in three days. I used to bathe him once a week!

The kitties were at my parents too. They love bring their for the most part. Monte has so much confidence and thinks he's king of the house. Dot is a little nervous but loves to be around us. They explore and run up and down the stairs, and sleep under the big bed.

Collin and I got a new book we are reading together called Gone Girl. It's so good. It's about a marriage and is told from each of their points of view. But then something goes wrong and you don't know which one is crazy, the husband or the wife or both. It's great to read and discuss together. Collin read the mans parts and I read the woman's. We spent time doing that today.

Later that night we had homemade hamburgers, and sweet potato fries, by Collin, the genius.


Finally we went and saw the movie 2016. I was very apprehensive because I thought it was going to be bashing Obama the whole time, which I do not like. But it didn't! It was very calm and well thought out. It just recounted O's background as told by his book and tried to explain the reasons why he does the things he does to a person who might not understand. I thought it was pretty well done and either way I think you should go see it and form your own opinion.

Well happy Labor Day! Good night!

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