September 9, 2012

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Friday at Babytime...I want an Ergo very badly. I have a Moby Wrap and that worked so great for us when Frederick was younger and didn't move much. It distributed the weight really well and left me hands-free while I could keep Fred close to me and he didn't have to cry for me to hold him constantly. But as he has gotten bigger, it's harder and harder on my back to wear him in it. The fabric is stretchy so when he moves, it loosens. It can also get hot, but I live in freaking Phoenix and take public transit a lot, so what the heck doesn't? So I totally recommend it for younger babies, but now I'm ready for something more sturdy. I tried on my friends Ergo and it felt like Fred weighed 2 pounds! I walked around super comfortably and Fred seemed to like it.

Blurry photos.....below is baby girl Charlie and Frederick being all boyfriend and girlfriend.

Fred chillin in his high chair.

My mom's bday lunch with her girls. They were all so sweet and cute. I hope I have a group of friends like this when  I'm.....53.... hehe sorry mom, but you look 38.

I love the temple and these ladies. We went as a Young Womens Presidency. It had been a few months for me so I was grateful to go. Then I ran over to Super Saturday for church. It was a huge craft party. I had signed up for 4 crafts and didn't get any of them finished, but I'll have lots of fun stuff to work on in the next month. I also took a toffee making class and am so excited! Let me know if you want Toffee. I'll make you some when it gets cooler. I really will.

While I was out at the temple and crafting and having fun, Collin was hanging with Frederick. I pumped a couple of bottles for him (and by the way, my left breast started hurting like heck two days ago!! not sure why! it feels better when I nurse or pump so I keep doing that...)

BUT so I figured that when I got home we'd clean up the house and then get working on MORE crafts (for Frederick's birthday). When I got home this is what I saw.....

He had cleaned the whole house and gotten all the crafts ready! Man oh man, what a guy!!!!!! During the temple the biggest impression I kept thinking about was that i need to be more patient with my dear dear dear Collin and Frederick (believe it or not, I can get really frustrated and take it out on them, which makes me really sad). There's no reason for me to get mad at them ever, so I'm going to try hard not to....I've already messed up, but I'll keep trying.

So a night of crafting began! Friend, Chelsea J, joined us.

Then we took a break, picked up Tanner J, and ate some delicious Cafe Rio. 
I think this picture deserves to be X-Large.


Found a pet store and loved some ridiculous cat stuff. 

THEN we crashed the Youth Stake Dance....(we were asked to help chaperon) but it was wicked awesome and I wicked embarrassed myself dancing like a wicked fool. I loved it.

My ADORABLE SON this morning before church!


Last ones....found this cute poster in the hallway at church. I love my husband. He's an active supportive amazing man husband & father. I just stared at him today, so grateful to be his wife, partner, and best friend.


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  1. how cute you all are: freddie, collin, and nikki! love and miss.