September 26, 2012

Nation-wide nurse-in at your local Applebee's

Earlier this month a breastfeeding mother in Georgia was asked by a manager to leave Applebees. When she stated her rights and didn't move the police were called!

This Saturday please go to your local Applebees anytime between 1-3pm and nurse or just let them know you support the rights of breastfeeding mothers.
Here is the main event page on Facebook:!/events/424663000914176?ref=bookmark&__user=27708646

Here is an article about what happened.

I've nursed in bathrooms. It's hot, often dirty, there's no where to sit, you're usually in the way of people trying to pee or wash their hands, it's hard. But i would try it because I thought that's what I was supposed to do. then I said, screw it! I want to nurse in comfort! I'm not covering up (just to frustrate freddie, make him unlatch, spray milk everywhere and discourage me--I mean doesn't everyone love having a blanket over their heads while trying to learn how to eat after just being born??) I'm not going in the other room, just to feel even more isolated and lonely than I already was feeling postpartum. (I support people covering up or going in another room to nurse. These are just my experiences and this is my blog!!!! Everyone should nurse how and where they want! But they should have that right!)

For heavens sake! Breasts are MADE to feed babies! That is their purpose! Why is it so offensive and uncomfortable for people? A woman dresses up in a slightly revealing cocktail dress and shes sexy and classy. Another woman feeds her child-in public-in the most pure, innocent, beautifully bonding way God intended for her to and some consider her gross. I don't get it. Our world is backward.

Anyway---I'll be at Applebee's this Saturday, nursing Frederick!

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