April 5, 2014

Babes in toy land

I've been behind in blogging lately. I'm still working on posts from the last few weeks. But this morning we are about to watch General Conference (lds.org) and I'm pretty happy and grateful feeling. I love this family of mine. I love our strange, sweet life together, our too small for us apartment, trying to keep up with dishes and laundry, getting outside as much as possible before the heat, making food, breastfeeding all day, two kids, adventures in being married to Collin, happiest baby Hattie smiles, trotro, kitties, babywearing, cosleeping, three oldest children living in one house head butting, my darling special son who radiates light to everyone he comes in contact with. I could go on. I'm feeling so blessed and positive. Yes we have our problems. But I will focus on the blessings. Happy general conference! (And here's to lots of projects around the apt today in between!)

Freddie loves me taking pictures of him with hattie!!!

Tandem nursing is sometimes hard but it's also a lifesaver and can bring a hectic day, hyper or upset or tired or hungry babes and a stressed or tired mama to peace. It's quiet, we read books while we nurse and all three drift off to dreamland.

Hattie is having tummy time in an awesome blanket fort at the children's museum

^^^we love the muppet movie!!! (Fred calls them 'muffets,' and says it's his favorite movie!

You are my sunshine, my only Hattie. You make me happy when skies are grey (great, says Fred). You'll never know dear, how much I love you...till you have your own baby.
Swinging monkey!!

I love these friends so much. So does Hattie. They had a performance last night at ASU. My children slept.

Sweet snuggles.

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