April 8, 2014

Harriet Jillian...

...Is growing up so quickly! At 3 months, she's just under 14lbs, between 24 & 25 inches, and has the best little personality.
She has found her feet and loves to hold them and suck on her own toes. 
She loves her brother so much and every time he even looks at her, she cracks up laughing. 
She talks and talks and talks all day. We are going to have the best conversations. 
She loves to nurse and sleep. She seems to really know the night from the day. I love cuddling her little warm body every night. 
She and I have formed a strong bond. She loves being with me, close to me, in my arms, or worn on me all day. I love it too. She definitely knows me though; she's had a little bit of separation anxiety already as I try to work out at the gym. I can't go for more than 30 minutes and sometimes only 15-20 before she starts crying, hard. Screaming. And so I think it's too soon. I want her to grow confident and assured that I will be there for her always and answer to her honest infant cries right now. I will still work out but will do more at home and outside with these two. When she's a little older I will try the gym more. I love her so much. As soon as I hold her to me and speak to her, she stops crying and calms down. Her tears are big, eyes red, forehead sweaty, hands shaky, let's stuff and then she relaxes, calms, whimpers, falls asleep in my arms or nursing. 
I think she may be teething or may just know that sucking is comforting because she always wants something in her mouth!! I'll think she's showing hunger cues and will try to feed her more and she will refuse but keep pulling toys, her own clothes, stuffed animals etc into her mouth to suck on!! Freddie never liked those teething rings so we got rid of them all but I think I might have to try one for Harriet. 
I love having a daughter and love her happy ticklish body, her smiles and laughs and how she wakes and falls asleep. I love her chunky thighs and bold blue eyes and gums and fingers that grabs everything.
Tandem nursing can be challenging but is definitely a blessing that I love and that we all want and need. I also love the many times little Hattie Hat and I nurse just the two of us. She's so sweet and small. I love her and those other 2 and the kitties. I am getting the hang of mother to many more and more.

Gotta go!!!

Hattie eating ball from Nikki smith on Vimeo.

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