April 23, 2014

Spring has sprung!!!

Spring is in full force in Phoenix and you know what that means...it's 99 degrees!!!! Ahhhh!!! The pool water is getting warmer, the heat is getting closer, and I'm getting sweatier by the day.

We are loving the warm/cool breezy evenings and still cool mornings. But apparently the heat is record breaking for this time of year. Oh man, we have already started planning our mini summer trips that will get us as far from the heat as possible almost every weekend! 

Getting outside and even riding public transit as much as possible before it gets too hot to even step outside. Seriously. You can disintegrate. Below, Hattie's first bus ride. She alept most if the time. She loved it. Fred loves the bus sooooo much. I forgot to let him press the button to open the back doors and he was soooooooooooo sad. But don't worry--he got to press it on the way back.

We had a nice hot walk home. Lots of sunscreen and a digging adventure w this egg half.

In big truck heaven.
There was a key mix up and we didn't have our house key that morning!! Collin had the car that day and had to rush home to rescue us. Luckily we had a pool key and got in and waded. Fred was in all the way by the end of it. So fun.
Love these ones so much!!!
I miss them and long for Fred and Harriet to be around their cousins. It makes me want to cry! Plus they are just all models. (Yes Ashley, I saved yor pictures to my phone, hehe!)
Picnic in the grassy part of the complex! We always talk to so many of our neighbors this way. So fun and great. It was an overcast sprinkley day, too.

Look at that super long torso and short little legs!!! Hehehhe. She is in 6 month clothing now (at 4 months). She's about 16lbs. I can't wait for her 4 month check up next week so see how much she has grown!
Pool partyyyyy!!!
Grandmas garden
Love all the blossoms!!!!! Beautiful! Especially the peach ones.

Hey gal.
After nap time. Haha what the diaper off??
Freddie's favorite place to play is the children's museum gift shop hahaha.
Our favorite waffle truck, waffle crush. Yum yum yum. We just love em.

My dear dear dear Morgan. I love her so much. I love everything about her and her family.
Mickey Mouse  club house.