April 27, 2014

Date nights!!

Sometimes we go a while without a date night. We have lots and lots of family dates and lots if fun, but you know, life gets crazy busy. (It really is nuts how much more busy I feel with two kids!!) But we could feel each other slipping far away. We just weren't connecting on all the important levels. Let's face it, we were so tired at night after a long day at work/w the kids, dinner, bedtime, tidying up.....we were dead tired each day. And though we talk lots throughout the day, we don't get to just sit and have a real conversation. 
So we remembered we hadn't had a date in forever and we decided to go on one! Of course, Hattie came too, but she's a newborn still and can't be w out me and really doesn't get in the way much at all. She nurses, sleeps, laughs, poops, and cries a little. (And man she sleeps so well. She's pretty much consistently been getting super tired and going to sleep at 7pm and sleeping till 8 or 9 with just a few times of nursing if she isn't woken up by her stinker cutie brother..."I want to see Hattie!!")
So it worked out perfectly that Fred went to my moms for the night (he loves getting his monkey bag packed) and we went out for dinner and a treat. We ended up having some really important talks, getting on the same page about some really good stuff, and talking about future goals and expectations. It was really a good night. We decided to start getting a babysitter and having a date together at least every other week if not every week. We also got soooo much sleep. Fred usually wakes between 4-6 and we got to sleep in until 9!!!!!!!!!!! It was glorious. I love you, CS. 
The date was followed by the most peaceful relaxing fun Saturday too!!! More to come on that!

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