April 8, 2014

arcosanti in March

The month of March is birthday month in our house! We traveled just a little ways out of town to Arcosanti to celebrate. Freddie went to his grandmas for the night so that we could have time alone and a little more time with just Hattie. We did have fun together but missed Fred so much. We decided that family trips feel empty without him and plan to go back again in the summer with all of us. 

This place is super minimal. Paolo Solari, Italian arichetech, designed the place and it was his life's work. He wanted to build a community where people could come live and learn and work together, leaving as small a footprint on the land as possible, and using materials and the earth to our advantage.

We got to our room and laid down. I felt instand total peace and relaxation. It was quiet, comfortable, with a beautiful view.

We opened the doors and curtains for a fuller view of the landscape outside. So very inspiring.

Dose eyes!!! And dese!!!

We went on a little walk and explored the place as the sun began to set. It was perfectly cool and breezy.

We went to a little diner in town for dinner called the blue...hills cafe??? What was it Collin??? But man it was SOOOOO GOOD. Best diner food I've ever had in my life, hands down. Plus inexpensive and the service is very good and kind- towns people that'll talk to you about life and family and hurt and experience.
These burgers were insane. So good. I was stuffed (and that hasn't happened much since I've been nursing two.)

We wanted to spend the evening reading, playing cards, doing crosswords, talking. We had great conversation but were so tired and relaxed that we fell asleep early!!! It was wonderful though. 
Early the next morning we showered and are breakfast in the arcosanti cafeteria with other residents and guests. 

Then another family walk.

We loved exploring the little green house garden

And met a very friendly cat!!

We checked out and went to church at a young single adult ward a little further away. We love going to church wherever we visit.
What a great trip. We loved it but everything we'd see or do we'd say we wished Freddie were there!! Haha. It's always nice to get lots of sleep but it's better with four, these days.

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