April 9, 2014

Freddie said....

Fred: (Listening to Diana Ross and the supremes): "that's a good song!!!"

Watching general conference-
Fred: (crayons in hand) What (one) do you want?
Grandpa: green. I'm going to eat it. 
Fred: no! It's yucky!
Gpa: how do you know?
Fred: I are one in nursery. It was yucky.

Me: did you make that toast yourself?
Fred: I push it down...I lift it up (Complete with hand motions)! that's how you make toast!!

Me: That's the prophet!
Fred: that's not his name! He's a mouse!.....I'm just kidding...... 

Fred: (praying on Easter) "thank you for the father,
Thank you for all my stuff.
In the name of Jesus Christ amen."

Fred: (after I put on my Easter skirt) *gasp!* "Mom you're beautiful!!!"

Fred: (brushing my hair in the morning) "I love your crazy hair." (He's just full ofcompliments lately!!)

Fred: (in a cabinet under our bathroom sink he likes to frequent) "mom you wanna get in w me? I'll scoot."

Fred: (after a very loud swing music concert) "it was too loud. But I liked it!"

Fred: "Stop!! I'm pickin' my yellow nose!"

(His cousins sent Hattie and him two books: the board book versions of Anna karenina (he pronounces Anna kareninina) and the Jabberwocky. He asks me to read them a million times a day. Here, he's asked the missionaries to read them. One wasn't sure what to do, but the other happily obliged.

From his dress up drawer...

No joke...him sleeping. This happens often.
On a walk. We got lost. It was hot...get-lost-in-ouelessebougou-at-noon-when-not-a-soul-is-dumb-enough-to-go-outside-but-you're-"new"-to-the-area hot.
Luckily we had water and gps on my phone and we survived.

Standing on my shoulders, knocking down stuff hanging over my bed.

Making friends. He's honestly been playing better with kids, lately!
Gimme that delicious strawberry shortcake.

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  1. two-year-olds are the BEST. especially ours. :)