May 1, 2016

Happy May Day and happy happy Sunday.

This morning on the way to church...Freddie dropped off this note and flowers from our yard at his friend, our neighbor's house. So fun and cute!! His grandma Lulu told him about May Day and he has been anxiously waiting for it. 

I was like, "hurry, run!!" And he was like, "I'm supposed to hurry??" Hehehehhe. Everything is fun with this guy. 

Beauty girl met us in the garden after church. 

Tonight! And Collin is working it. 😜😜

My big 38/9ish week belly. Wooooo my baby I love you. Can't wait to see you!!

Watching together. 

AND HALLELUJAH. Asleep by 7pm!!

My baby girl, Dot. 

Their new bed. It's super comfy and I can sleep on It too. 

The devotional by Elder and Sister Maynes about Joseph Smith and the Restoration was wonderful. He asked us to answer a question on social media about a time when Heavenly Father answered my prayer as I searched for truth. 

Having a third baby has been a huge decision for me. We thought we might be done after Freddie and Harriet. But then I couldn't deny a spiritual feeling I kept getting that we weren't done. I prayed about it, asking God if it were right. I talked to my husband. After a lot of discussion we decided together to try to have another baby. During pregnancy I have mostly been excited to meet this new little person, but you know there are those days when you have a hard time w motherhood or personhood or in your marriage or so many things and just a couple of times when I've thought, what have I done?? We can't do this. We can't take care for another person, or how am I going to do this. When this happened, I prayed humbly and sincerely and got a very strong feeling from the spirit that I'm doing what is right for me and for us and that it is good and what is God comes from God. Heavenly Father answers prayers. I know this. #ldsdevo 


  1. Loved the May Day Flowers and the kids asleep. they look so happy asleep! I hope you took a nap too.

  2. Oh, Nikki! What a wonderful, exciting time for you! Of course it'll be hard, but having one kid is hard. :) Maybe Fred and Hattie will just play and let you and baby sleep all the time. I'm sure they will. And if not, there's always TV! Haha. You're so amazing and beautiful and have such a sweet outlook on everything. Love you!