May 3, 2010

12:25am and I can't sleep, though Collin is sleeping like a sweet baby (and taking up the whole bed--love him!!) I looked up my mom's house on google earth on his phone and cried. Man, I've never been away this long before, and there aren't plans to get to Arizona till November!!!

Oh, but November, GLORIOUS November! No one has a clue how much joy the thought of that month brings to me. (not just that we'll be in AZ, believe me.)
I'll enter the temple with my darling sexy husband on our 2nd anniversary. And by then I believe many things will be right with my world again.
I go to the doctors on Wednesday to find out what a new and scary little bump on my body is. I hope it is nothing, as I'm told it will be.
We get to talk to Elder Money on Sunday!! His latest email was so touching; I'm proud of him!!
The atonement is real. I wish everyone understood it. It brings happiness! Peace.

Lastly, in this late-night blog, I will tell you (whomever is out there) of my love for the Ensign. It is so good!!! If you don't read it, start! It is modern day scripture and today gave me comfort when faced with a difficult decision.
I love my husband.
AJ went on a few dates with a cute girl and it makes me giddy beyond belief. My Morgan is totally in love. I think I can go to sleep now.

Az will be 98 this week!!!!! While you might be wincing, remember I'm in disgusting humidity where I'm drenched from sweat and it doesn't dry in 80 degree weather!! I envy Provo people right now.

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  1. Isn't it hard to be so far from home? I live for visits to my family! Good luck with the doctor and thanks for sharing your feelings about the Atonement. I hope you're getting some sleep now! xoxo