May 20, 2010

Kafta Sandwich

This is what I ate at the Lebanese Taverna after work today. I can't describe its deliciousness accurately. It is just too yummy. Spicy grilled beef, radishes, tomatoes, and the most delicious hummus ever. OH MAN! I want to eat another one right now. My mouth is watering.

Then...I went to the dentist. I haven't been in over two years. Let me tell ya, the dentist SUCKS! It is PAINFUL! Man, I hate going to the dentist!!! And...I have a cavity. Ahhhh! I want to cry! I floss every DAY, and still a cavity??? Please, don't give me shots. I'm going to die, I'm SURE!

Then I walked home. The freezing is over. It is hot again. The sun is out and lovely. I got burnt! THE POOL is ALMOST READY! It opens May 29, and then I'll be there every day! I wanted to hop over the fence and jump in right then because I was sweating like a pig.

In last news, this woman at my work REALLY wants to dye my hair. REALLY. I LIKE my hair. People always compliment the color. I'm natural. I'm Aveda. I keep saying no, but she won't listen. She put me on her book for next Thursday. Thursday. OH! BUT THURSDAY I get my cavity filled. Now which one do I want to get out of MORE??? Hmmmm.


  1. Don't die your hair... it is beautiful! I have such a hard time when people are pushy!

    P.S. I absolutely hate the dentist and I recently got some cavities fixed... I will be thinking of you Thursday!

  2. tell her to shove it. you are so naturally and purely gorgeous! I wish I could go back to that moment in 9th grade when my sister began to use me as a beauty school guinea pig.

    Dentist = worst thing ever.

    After not brushing my teeth for 4 months (b/c I'd throw up EVERY time)- I'm really scared to go again. Luckily I have the pregnancy excuse to keep me away at least for a little while longer!

    aaand that sandwich looks delish! I don't think we have any Lebanese restaurants here..

  3. Oh my goodness - Caley, of course we have Lebanese restaurants!!! I'll take you! They are DELISH!!!!

    I'm so sorry this crazy woman at work is pushing you to dye your hair. I agree with McKenzie and Caley - don't do it!! You won't ever be able to get back to your natural color unless you cut it and keep growing it out. I wish I had never dyed mine....Oh well, I'm about 13 years too late on that one!! Sorry you have a cavity. I had my first one a year ago, and I promise it's not that bad. Before they give you a shot, they (SHOULD) put novacaine numbing gel on your gum so you don't feel the shot at all! It's perfect. I am a total baby, so if I can do it, so can you!!! :) Good luck (and pleaaaaase don't give in to hair nazi!!!!)

  4. Wow! I am happy that you have a blog!
    It's like having a live journal again!

    I want that sandwich!