May 24, 2010

Food and Food and glasses and Pickles weekend.

This weekend we made lots of food, sang in the church choir, and went to two movies! We checked out the town of Bathesda (which I was not the biggest fan of), and Saw Iron Man 2. It was really stupid, but fun to see with Collin, of course. Charlotte Johanson's part was so rediculous and unnecessary. She is my age and looks like she's reconstructed her chin or something.

We had really yummy burgers at The Burger Joint, but it was annoying because they got both of our orders really wrong. They actually had to remake my entire burger because I ordered it Med Well and it was Med rare. Oh well, we'll probably go back again. Look how good it looks. And the garlic fries were divine.

This woman, K Hiegle, disgusts us:

Saturday morning we went to the Rockville Farmer's Market. We bought some pretty vegetables, the most DELICIOUS apples I've EVER HAD in my LIFE!!!!!!!!!, and tasted the most delicious cheeses and breads. The Amish sure can make cheese. And the goat cheese guy, drool. (Not him, the cheeses).

I went to work, and Collin went grocery shopping. After work, I walked home in the rain and was in the worst mood ever. Collin said we were spontaneously going to see Robin Hood with some friends. I was in a pouting, tired, junky mood, so at first I refused, but then I gave in. It was fun! I had absolutely no expectations for that movie, and had seen Iron Man 2 the night before, so Collin and I didn't hate it.

We got home late, and had promised that we'd make fish tacos, so we made FISH TACOS! AND THEY WERE SO AMAZING!!!!!!! They were beer-battered, so I had to buy beer for the first time in my life. Alcohol isn't sold in grocery stores out here, so we had to go to a liquor store. We walked in, asked for the cheapest can of beer, paid for the Milwakee's Best, and left. Hahaha. We used the 1/3 cup for the fish, then poured the rest down the drain. Hahaha, so funny.

We ate the fish with corn tortilla's and with a DELICIOUS avacado tomato salsa. We've decided we're never making any other kind of salsa ever; this was that good.

Church was wonderful on Sunday. We almost didn't get there because our ride fell through, but miraculously my VT called and asked if I needed a ride!!! We sang Who at my Door is Standing in the choir. It is a very sweet song. We are sad because we love singing in the choir so much, and they are going on a break for summer time. I work in the nursery in church (with the 1.5-2 year-old class), and the class is getting so big. PLUS everyone was so cranky yesterday. I love them all, so much though. I really think Heavenly Father is preparing me for motherhood. Actually, I know it. I've had some pretty strong personal impressions lately, prompting me, preparing me, comforting me, and answering prayers. I don't really desire to have children, honestly, but I know it is part of God's plan, and I that it will make me happy. I've been asking for a testimony of that, of motherhood, and that it truly is for me. I'm getting that. Be careful what you ask for, huh!!!

After church fish leftovers, SNICKERDOODLES, and over to our friends, the Bairds, house for dinner. We love them so much! We feel a really strong connection to them. Sister Baird is a very talented pianist, and we also went to watch her play at the visitor's center that night. She opened for the main speaker, Brian Crane, creator of the comic, "Pickles." It was an awesome night!!!


  1. Nikki - we were destined to be friends. I think we posted almost identical things today! haha. I love farmers markets :) AND you!!!! I sometimes feel the same way about motherhood.... I think deep down I want to be married with children, but sometimes it just scares the heck out of me!!!! I'm praying too. :) This salsa looks INCREDIBLE. PLEASE share your recipe!! :)

  2. YUM! Food looks good. Farmers markets make my heart sing. I totally hate Katherine Heigl too! (which is weird because I used to love her as Izzy but her real personality sucks so bad!) Both your glasses look very chic with just a touch of emo. Loves it.
    ps Rod and I are planning a DC trip next April (I know, forever away, do you think you guys will still be out there?!) We'll have to get together.

  3. so much good food!!! yummy!
    I love the Amish :)

    I think Heavenly Father put me on the path to motherhood right away -without giving me a choice- because if he hadn't I would have most certainly procrastinated it. haha I know it will be the greatest thing ever :)