May 9, 2010

Mom on May 9th

Today at church they gave roses to all the women for Mother's Day. I felt silly getting something because I'm not a mother. But I suppose I will be one day. They say being a Mother is the most important thing a person can do. I hope that someday I can come close to being the kind of mother my mom was and is. She continues to give of herself until it seems there is nothing left and then give some more. Thanks mama. I love you. You're my inspiration.

We were on a 4 way call today with Elder David Money in the Dominican Republic, Mom Dad and Joe in Phoenix, Us in DC, and AJ in Provo. It was a little hectic, but pure happiness. I love them.


  1. Yea for flowers! And that you got to talk to everyone for Mother's Day. :)

  2. fabulous! flowers and family!!! pure love. you will make a great mommy, when the time is right. ;)