May 11, 2010

Freezing cold raining first day of Summer.

Today is a blustery day. A windy cold chilly blustery rainy day. And the crazy thing is that it is my first official day of summer. SUMMER!

Here is a trip to the Washington DC temple, I took a couple of weeks ago. The green is so beautiful and amazing here. But the weather just doesn't make up its mind!!

Me so happy to be there, looking pretty goofy.

I liked that red tree behind me.

I whipped up these egg whites for my homemade blueberry waffles!
(I must admit I used an electric mixer though. Too hard to do it otherwise.)

Delish! And Ete and Sarah Ahping came to stay again. We feel so fortunate to get to see them so often. This weekend we get to go to Charlottesville in Virginia to visit the Nesbits, and then we're hoping to get to Pitman at the end of May for Memorial day! We love visiting family. We love visiting anyone! And we love anyone visiting us!!! Seriously, try it. We'll make you delicious meals, and give you massages. I mean, Sarah gives us massages every time.

Blueberry waffles and Deuteronomy. Great morning.

There's my guy. Ignore the DI boxes in the back, yikes!!!

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