November 28, 2011

3rd wedding anniversary

November 11, 2011 
3rd Wedding Anniversary

We ate. We made goals for the next 3 years. We left our baby for the first time ever!!!! He wouldn't take a bottle of my pumped breast milk. I guess he just likes the real thing best. Oh well, we'll try again.

I love you, Collin. I totally rely on you. I want to be there for you totally. We share everything: success and heartache. We will be together forever. That is the most comforting thing I've ever known. And it's true.

Dinner at Le Grande Orange
the avocado pizza was pretty alright, 
but the pepperoni sausage was AMAZING.

We made this:

Marriage is wonderful. Motherhood is wonderful. Life is wonderful. and hard. and crazy. but I have a lot to be thankful for.

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