November 9, 2011

my favorite things

about breastfeeding freddie:

-he crosses his ankles like he's so relaxed.
-his little blue eyes staring up at me
-when he gets a little bubble in his tummy this super cute worried expression comes over his face and he'll even make super worried noises, but still stay latched on. internal struggle??
-cute gulping noises
-the satisfaction of getting him to burp
-milk drunk when he's full. he truly acts intoxicated, hehe
-while he sleeps he's dreaming about it and makes little suckling noises, aw.

in talking news:
-when ever he cries or is sad/mad/worried/uncomfortable he says "na" "nay" or "nah"
-"a hoo" or "a woo" is a happy or satisfied word
-he added a new word "ma" the other day. I know it doesn't mean mama but its another positive one and its so darling to me.

Freddie is awake more these days so we get to talk a lot. I say "a woo" and "a hoo" and his face lights up with smiles like crazy. :) :) He also gets really happy and smiley and looks at the pages when I read books to him. Our/my favorite right now is On the day you were born. It talks about all the miracles that happen on the earth daily and how they are for each one of us. It references babe in the dark womb, tiny knees curled to chin, getting ready to come out.

My favorite part:
"With a push you slipped out of the dark quiet, where suddenly you could hear a circle of people singing with voices familiar and clear. 'Welcome to the spinning world,' the people sang as they washed your new tiny hands. 'Welcome to the green earth,' the people sang, as they wrapped your wet, slippery body. And as they held you close, they whispered into your open, curving ear, 'We are so glad you’ve come!'"
It reminds me of that night so much I can feel it!! Makes me so happy. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

He does NOT like it when he pees through his diaper. He LOVES it when i hold him and walk around...puts him to sleep in minutes. He's a very good cuddler. I love his arms and legs so much. 
He's gets to meet his uncle David in 5 hours.

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  1. Lovely post!

    I tell ya, breastfeeding is the best! {Except when it's not... then yuck.} I love the crossed ankles. And baby-milk-drunk is the only drunk that I endorse. It's awesome.

    Yay for meeting uncles!!!