October 5, 2012


Camping out!
I'm up late! I'm currently reading 3, no 4 books: The Happiness Project, Mindy Kaling's book, Gone Girl (with CS), and Doctrine and Covenants.
Good stuff. Feels good to read again. I've been told I need to get Parenting with Love and Logic. Anyone read it?
Collin and Fred are sick. I've not yet been infected.
I keep hearing noises. My imagination is getting the better of me.
Gone Girl is so psychological and it freaks me out. Dot is on edge. She keeps getting startled at every littler thing.
Tonight I didn't feel like making dinner and baked chocolate chip cookies instead. Now I'm all shaky and sicky.
I need some veggies.
Halloween is upon us. And Fred is grown up. He got so scared going through the scary mask section today. (I laughed a little, poor sweet darling.) how does he know to be scared? I've never taught him that. In fact I started saying sweet things about the scary black cat and petting and kissing him. Fred wouldn't have any of it. None. He knew it was scary and bad. Sheesh.

Today Fredrick was having lots of growing pains and Collin wasn't home yet from his meeting so I let him stay up late. We were watching school house rock (election edition) and eating cheese (to give the boob a rest) and then all of a sudden..cough...BARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All over. So then I just sat there for a few. Fred was buckled onto me in his ergo so that was covered too. Then I was cleaning it up, putting him into the tub, scrubbing him with a washcloth, and I thought, "I'm like a real mom--like on tv." Oh well. Then later when I actually did put him to bed I loved the silence-the quiet of him and me and his eyelids getting heavy, and his needing me so much. That good stuff right there. Well goodnight!

And Happy birthday today to the beauuuitiful Morgan Skeen. She's the sweetest, sugariest, loveliest lady I know. I love her!


  1. haha. you're like a mom on tv. that's classic. you totally are.

    and yes, how do they know to be scared?! ollie freaked out when some pretend robbers came on the heber creeper train. so weird! it just tells me how they can read tone and vibes, you know? so cool that they can do that and communicate in that way before they can speak.

  2. I also have been admonished to read Parenting with L&L. We should do a virtual, long-distance book club for it.

    I echo Erin on the TV mom sentiments. Well said. Classic and true.

    Love and miss you! You're a good mom! Where is Collin??

    And we're similar in that when the hubs is gone, sometimes I just wanna eat cookie dough and not make dinner. Now THAT'S classic.