October 25, 2012

AZ State Fair with BABIES

Super fun time at the fair today with friend Christy+Babes and Emily+Babe (aka Fred's GIRLFRIEND, Charlie.) IT was a HOT day to start off with....REALLY Phoenix? REALLY?!?!?!






Frederick with his gal, Charlie. They are in love. And notice jealous Frederick, top left, in the photo below as Charlie hangs with her new friend, AJ. the drrrawwwma. 


a TALKING LLAMA! Kidding....just some regular ones. !!!


Fred loved it. He just went up to all the animals and loved and petted them all! Luckily it was an enclosed area because I might have lost him!

Baby girl, Charlie, loved it too!

Dese two....

Loving her new Ergo...twins!

And....I rode my first ride since before I was PREGNANT! (I think...unless mom brain is making me forget....but I'm pretty sure...) anyway....!!!!!!!! SO FUN!!!!!!!!! We screamed and laughed like crazy idiots in happy land the whole time. 

The whole DAY was just...FUN! I felt happy! I felt genuine happiness! It was really great. Also...I learned that Frederick is not just a walker...but a runner. And he's friendly to EVERYONE. And can end up across the way in seconds flat and doesn't want his hand to be held or to be kept back in anyway. I must be SO careful always. I love that little man of mine. And the big one too. Collin is the sweetest...when I got home we talked about our hopes and dreams and he made me some dinner and then we read our book, Gone Girl (ALMOST DONE. ACK! SO CRAZY!) and both baked with pumpkin puree. Him a pumpkin pie and (AHMAZING) whipped cream, and me some pumpkin muffins. See next post. Love always, NeMs

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  1. his face in that "fav pic of yours" is so sweet.