October 15, 2012


On Saturday we attended a baptism. A friend joined the church about a year and a half ago. Her husband was not interested in the gospel at all-in fact was a little against it, but agreed to allow her to take their two daughters to primary. I remember when I first met him, trying to invite their family to our house for dinner and he would not have it. But then one day he came to an activity. And he would attend church here and there. But my friend said he was still the last person see could ever see being baptized and joining the church. Well Saturday he was baptized. The room was completely full of friends and family supporting him-his new ward family-with his wife and two daughters on the front row. It was the most beautiful experience to think that their marriage and lives and the lives of their daughters, ages 2 and 4, will be changed forever.
Sunday the husband received the Holy Ghost and the two girls were blessed and my friend received her patriarchal blessing.
They are on track to becoming an eternal family. It's so beautiful. I could feel the love and happiness between them. I'm so fortunate to be sealed to my husband and son for forever. I can't even fully comprehend what that means yet but I know I will someday. And I can't wait till Fred's baptism! Family is the best thing ever.

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