October 23, 2012

camping in Sedona

Osborn ward camp out in Sedona! It was beautiful, cold, the ground was rocky, I didn't sleep a wink, I had to pee so badly in the middle of the night but it took me hours to make myself go because I kept thinking about the Blair Witch Project....but I love all that stuff! The next day we went on a walk to a little creek and through the woods and across a bridge. Freddie, on the other hand, slept like a log and enjoyed every minute of it....welll...he got a little freaked out about how dark it was at night, but he got over that. The breakfast the next morning was SO good. Just Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fruit but man, it all tasted delicious. We had a great time as a family.

So excited to go camping!


He looks like a chunker in this photo. I'm totally fine with that. 


  1. everything looks so beautiful. and WARM!

  2. Are those argyle legwarmers on Freddie?? Love!

    And camping with wee ones... isn't it the BEST?!? What a fun vacation!