October 8, 2012


Man! it feels great to be young and alive and in love! The other night we had another real date. My mom came and watched Frederick and CS and I went and listened to one of my favorite bands, Mount Eerie at Crescent Ballroom. I really like that venue. It's slightly bigger than a lot of smaller clubs but still intimate. Good lighting. Good sound.

Anyway the music was really really good as his always is. I really enjoyed the bands that opened up for him too. The first guy, Ever Ending Kicks, was super pretty.

The next band, Bouquet, was SO GREAT. I love the vocals! her voice was insanely beautiful! and the lyrics so good. The music was so dance-y and gorgeous and haunting. Here's a link to their website and a few songs. When I talked to them afterward, they were such sweethearts and allowed me to gush a little. What a dweeb, I know.

Then Phil Elvrum. It was so beautiful and wonderful. I was so happy and never wanted it to end. These people were totally going crazy after the show and kissing his butt telling him thank you soooooo much for coming, that they lost their brains when they found out he was coming and that they love him soooooo much. It was making him pretty uncomfortable. Hehe. I bought something and just smiled and said thank you; it was beautiful. He smiled, thanked me. It was just great. A great night. And lots of romance with CS.

We got home to find everyone sleeping. Thanks mama, for baby sitting our little rascal. We missed him like crazy.

finished the night snuggled up with Smith, mini hot chocolate and Gone Girl.

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  1. hooray for date nights! and for returning to a sleeping babe and having more date night.