October 25, 2012

Childrens Museum

My mom and Fred and I took another trip to the Children's Museum the other day. I love it.
We LOVE it! Freddie can run from room to activity to play area to cafe and be safe, and have 
a great time and not have me picking him up and bugging him to stay close the whole time. 
I can just follow him around and watch him. It's such a creative place. It's obvious that it was 
designed by mothers! For mothers and babies and children and families. We're PRO-Family.

And here's Fred in a pickle car. 
He got in and started turning the wheel, acting
like he was driving all on his own. That's a 
crazy thing: when your kid (who's a kid, 
not really a baby anymore, knows how
to do stuff like that...as if he made it up all 
on his own.

And this is today after a morning walk. It was cool enough to wear this, if you'd believe.
He had a bottle last night because I had a babysitter, but he's not so pro at it. haha.
prefers the boob.

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