November 2, 2012

Halloween Night

Alright...last post of Halloween pictures for the year....
My heart just about melted time and time again as I
saw that my little Frederick is growing up so fast.
I love him so much! He makes all these thing in life a
thousand times more fun and exciting. We live for him!
We are reading to really get our family started. There's
no greater joy I've ever experienced. Families can be
together FOREVER!

Now on to the spooky stuff!
Getting a gigantic pumpkin from Frys
almost busted our stroller!

He looks so much like Collin here.

My three babes.

Freddie got a fun card from his cousins,
Lauren Kate and Lincoln (coolest cousins of all time, BTW)
and one from Grandma Smith too!

Daddy going to work....Freddie was slightly scared but also thrilled.


Halloween Party with Blossoming Mom's group!

Freddie the cute little turtle with Grandma Captain America

Emily and Charlie Dyer. I love them.

And Fred Loves Charlie a.k.a. Rapunzel.
I like his choice in ladies. 

Dad at work!

Carving our pumpkin!

Fred loves hanging with Grandpa.

We were trying to take pictures and he kept kissing me!!!!!

Spooky Smiths

HE LOVED Trick or Treating to a
few houses around the neighborhood.
He got the hang of things and by house #3
he was pounding on the door.
Then he proceeded to take piece after
piece of candy and put it into another little
girl's sack. Good job, Freddie. :)

I swear we did not intend for it
to look like Jack Skelington. Haha oh well.

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  1. Soooo glad that you like candy corn! I'm not alone! Chomp, chomp, yum!

    I love Freddie kissing you and hauling his pumpkin in his stroller. Love that you guys adore this holiday so much!