November 29, 2012

The district sleeps alone tonight

Fred's sleep. Thus far I've tried to be pretty instinctual. I let him sleep when he is tired. I look for cues to know when this is. And he has fallen into his own routines and has remained happy and healthy. He can fall asleep wherever if we are out-day or night-or is happy and well-mannered while awake. He has gone in and out of phases of lots of naps to to 2 to 3 and now seems to be moving toward one long one in the middle of the day. He has gone from going to sleep at night at 6-7 then 8-9 and in the last month around 10 or later (please don't judge me!) This is good and bad. Good cause it means we can go do stuff at night and he doesn't have meltdowns but bad because--he's up! We have to entertain him and keep him out of trouble. We get very little alone or adult time. ETC.
But two nights ago at 6pm he showed tired cues and I went with it! He was asleep within minutes! And we were like....what now!!?? Ah it was awesome. Then last night he went down around 7. It took a little longer to get him to sleep but he was certainly tired and afterward we cleaned, walked around the complex and looked at Christmas lights holding hands(!!!!!) took a long bath with our Lush bath bomb and had adult time. It was so so great. We also got to bed earlier than usual. I can definitely get used to that. Although a con was that Fred woke up around 5:30am and wouldn't go back to sleep. We usually wake at about 8:30 or so- he sleeps as long as I do and I need my sleep in the morning. But thank goodness for a baby proofed room and a floor bed. I locked us both in and slept on his bed while he played and i left boob out and ready for him if he needed. Ha! Sleeeeeep.

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  1. well, you know how I feel about the 7 pm bedtime--LOVE IT. my boys sleep until 6:30...a time i'm okay with.

    and that boob sentence cracked me up.