November 19, 2012


Friday night we drove up North with our darling Dyers to stay in their cabin. Once the babies were finally asleep, the party began. The cabin is so cute and nice. the bed Collin and I slept on was PURE HEAVEN. We had so much fun that night and then the next day, talking, eating, walking around, antiquing, buying local honey, and playing games (I won Cash Cab, woooo!!) The boys rode ATVs up the mountain and had the best time. Collin rolled his ankle and is hobbling around but taking it like a champ. Frederick loved being outdoors constantly and especially loved spending time with his girlfriend, Charlie. Those two are SO cute. They really love hanging out! I'm so thankful for Emily and our great talks. She really lifts me up and encourages me. She is so positive and kind. She's a great mom, she's constantly trying to learn all she can to better herself. I'm so fortunate to have her as my friend. Here are some photos from the weekend...




Hostess is dead apparently. These are the only things of theirs I really ate when I was younger. Well I broke my diet to have em and they were NASTY. Good riddance!

Sampling local honey. delish! We settled on the Cat Claw.

Love Dos Dyers

Freddie was obsessed with it all

He loves black beans so much and ate every last bite of his black bean salad.

playing in a pile of leaves.




I wanted to get this antique toy car so badly but it was $400...

the winding road home.

Collin and I started reading a science fiction book, Jiril of Joiry, by C.L. Moore, the 1930s female author I based my character off in our murder mystery party!


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