November 14, 2012

babes and thanks and 1 year check up!

currently praying for 5 pregnancies!!! Five!! I'm officially baby-hungry! (well I have been for a few's this weird thing that just SWITCHED ON! I've never ever felt it before....but regardless, we are ready for number continue growing our eternal family....whenever he or she (and God) is ready for us to have him or her. But MAN, I'm happy for and excited for those five. Love love love love love me some babes. Little tiny babes with their delicious newborn smell heads and snuggley buggley cuddles.)
I already have a darling little man whom I'm so thankful for every day. He's just amazing. Today we we went to the doctor for his one year check-up (1.5 months later due to being out of town plus switching jobs and insurance) but yeah! He's great!!! He's 30 inches tall + 21.2 Lbs wooo Fred! + everything's working and growing and learning and developing wonderfully. He got two shots today: chicken pox and the TB skin test. He didn't even cry this time; just one little wince. I'm grateful for modern medicine and that my baby can stay safe from disease. :)

Okay crockpot corn chowder time!

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  1. Yay for a growing Freddie!

    And I'm baby hungry too! Let's get those babes down here to our arms! Good luck with that! Love you guys! You're such fantastic parents! Can't wait to see you!