November 16, 2012

Thursday extravaganza

My morning was this....



My day was this....



My night was this......

I watched my friends three kids yesterday including a baby. It was HARD! And these kids are good! Really difficult to split my attention between all of them. I've never said, "No!" or "Stop!!" so many times in my life! Plus my Freddie was sort of jealous and is really rough with other kids! He loves to tackle-hug!!! It's cute with me but not so gentle on a 2 year old girl his same size. I tried playing with everyone. It was crazy and even dangerous! I tried bubbles outside. That was nuts! They all started climbing dangerous stairs! And on top of it sit got out. Ill tell ya, 4 comes in handy to corner a kitty!! We watched a couple of Yo, Gabba Gabba episodes, which they all loved, them I strapped them in strollers and carriers and we went for a walk.

Man, I really don't know if I can have my recently decided 4-6 kids. I know it's a little more gradual than this but still. I don't think I could do it and not ignore them or have a breakdown. We will see...

So then later we dropped Freddie off at their house and went with some other friends to the Mesa temple and did sealings. I was asking for what I needed to hear and I got Peace. Just feel the peace. It was so great. Plus this month CS and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. Oh la la. I love him.

Well after the temple we grabbed some Mexican food (delish. Don't even know the the name of this hole in the wall, but it was amazing) then picked up Fred. It had been a rough night for him. His first time away from us not in our home. He hadn't eaten or drunk anything. He was giddy with delight to see us (really ME, sorry Collin), and wouldn't let go of me or stop open-mouth kissing me on the cheek hehehe. I love that bug. My bum bum. My little doll. My bug-a-boo.

He was soon asleep and I had some time with my Collin. I love him so much. I feel like we are so close and getting along so well (marriage ain't always no picnic after havin a babe.) I'm his partner! Seriously! I shook on it!

Hello pines.


  1. i can totally picture you guys shaking on it. you sure you're still up for babysitting for us? it'll be like rhett and two cute twins. :)


  2. Mahahahahaha! So hilarious that babysitting makes us re-think our anticipated child cap, right? We so experienced that last week as well! Ha!

    And congrats on 4 years coming up! You two are missed; you're a power couple.

    And I love that Freddie gives open-mouthed kisses! I wish! My girls are tight-lipped. Very prudish. :|