November 6, 2012

Jaime Grumet speaks out!

Photo by nikkiemsmith

Remember that controversial Time magazine cover this past May with the mother breastfeeding her 3-year-old? This is that mother's response to the backlash. Time mag basically called her and other well-known nursing, attachment parenting, blogging, moms up and told them that they wanted to interview and photograph them for the 20th anniversary of Dr. Sears', The Baby Book. She didn't know they were going to flip that and misrepresent attachment parenting, Dr. Sears, The Baby Book and Jaime Grumet herself by choosing the least loving photo (which Jaime said was taken when a "break" was called) and slapping on the cover, "ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH?" alienating any moms who don't nurse or nurse extendedly. She, like I, believes that mothers do what hey have to and that we all need to unite and respect each other no matter what. 

With love. Check it out.

Pathways Magazine

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