November 14, 2012

More jump stuffs

We went to another trampoline place SkyZone yesterday. I recommend it over SkyPark. It's so much cleaner, newer, less expensive, BOUNCY-ER (for real) there's a toddler jump area, and they have delicious frozen yogurt! Only 25 cal per ounce!!! Yes!!!!!

I'm doing well at the no extra cookies, sugar, candy, fast food etc and since there was yogurt, no sugar added, I got a little. And I avoided the delicious looking candy toppings and got granola and almond slivers. It was sooo good!!!!!! Now onto the jumping pictures.....


The babes loved it, we loved it, and we love the DYERS!!!
Oh...and Frederick LOVES Charlie!!!! I think she likes him too. Hehe!!!

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