November 19, 2012

Saturday night lights and broken collarbones

After our fun time at our friends' cabin, we drove home to see Joseph and my dad's last football game of the season (before nationals in Florida.) To cut to the chase, Joe caught a 40 yard pass and was hit out of bounds. The crowd went crazy and then grew silent as we realized he wasn't getting up. Cold fear shocked my body as thoughts of his recent head injury-which resulted in 7 staples-came to me and created a worst-case scenario. I was so scared. Freddie had been nursing and had fallen asleep in my lap. I quickly handed him to Collin and ran to the field. I hopped over the gate and embraced my mom who seemed doubly scared as I was. He was opposite us on the field so we ran to the other side, praying the whole way. There was Joseph and the medics, and someone calling 9-1-1; it was probably a broken collarbone. While I sighed, grateful his head wasn't split open, I gritted my teeth for what happened next. It was one of the hardest things I've experienced to see my 14-year-old baby brother in that much severe pain. He was shaking so hard he could barely talk. Once the EMTs got there, they assessed him and put his arm in a sling but not before cutting off his jersey to get his shoulder pads off. Tears ran down his face. To make matters worse, the game continued and for the first time in 25 games and 2 years, the Thunder lost, 48-60. It was a hard and emotional game.
Joseph was driven to the ER where he was X-Rayed and it was determined that his collarbone was broken severely in two places and was resting on top of itself. It was disconnected from his shoulder and had torn all the tendons and ligaments around the shoulder. He will have surgery Wednesday morning to insert a metal plate that will straighten and keep the bone in place while it heals which will take 6-12 weeks. Joe recently made the 8th grade basketball team but will sit on the bench the entire season. The Thunder will still go to Florida in December for a chance at the National Championship for the 2nd year.
I am so grateful for the atonement which comforts us in all physical and emotional trials. Im grateful for eternal perspective and courage to learn from hardships; and for the resurrection. I know that after we die our bodies will be reunited with our spirits and will be perfected. I love my brother, Joseph. I love his quick resolve and I love my dad's optimism and positive attitude. I'm also very grateful for technology and modern medicine in times of emergency. Please keep Joe and his speedy and well recovery in your thoughts or prayers.

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  1. Poor Joe! Definitely hoping for a quick healing and peaceful recovery!