May 13, 2016

Amelia Claire and David Andrus GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE!

It felt better than CHRISTMAS TIME, having all the Moneys gather to Provo to watch Mia and Dave GRADUATE with their Bachelors Degrees. We all felt an enormous amount of pride, love, unity, and just PURE JOY to support them and celebrate for the weekend. We picked AJ up on Wednesday April 20th from the SLC airport and it was awesome to have him all to ourselves for a day before the festivities began. Freddie and Hattie were so excited to see him and all the fam. 

In the pic below, AJ is holding a Tulip Hattie picked for him....(and oops picked all the petals off! haha!)

Waited in line for $1 Jimmy Johns sandwiches together. only about 25 minutes! and like $5 for our whole family. EXCELLENT. Hat and Fred made friends in the line, of course!!

CUTEST POST by Mia. So cool that they got to graduate and walk together. (Dave walked with the Humanities College w Amelia.)

Headed down to Provo!!

This was Commencement. There were a bunch of awesome speakers including Elder Clayton and I loved all of it.

JOSEPH!!!! Ah I wanted to cry, it was so good to see him and them.


Snapchatting. So fun and so disgusting heheheheh. 


We stayed together in the most awesome cabin in Sundance. Beautiful and in the woods, right where I belong.

Handsome little man


Hot tubbing in the purple water.

Unfortunately, a very uncomfortable bed, but it's totally cool. This girl's gorgeous. 


*BELOW is a Professional pic..not mine!! ;) haha!!*

I warned all the people around me and then I SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF when their names were called. heheheh. IM SO PROUD!!!

Danielle Poyfair and Mom. BFFs.

Back at the cabin and it wa EARTH DAY!


Hat and Grandma and Fred, happy happy happy^^^^^^

Had a great afternoon hanging around BYU.

Spanish Fork Cemetery to see the Money Family

Bye Bye, for a while, Moneys!!!

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