May 13, 2016

Wheeler Farm is the best place in the world and we've only just discovered it.

This place is AWESOME! It's a functioning farm, over 75 acres of just gardens, animals, grass, streams and lakes, and cool machines and stuff for the kids to play on. AND it's all FREE! you can pay a couple dollars to milk a cow, ride a hay ride etc, but that's it! It's so fun, beautiful, relaxing to be there. My kids run away and I could care less because we're just on a giant farm. Not only are we outside, but they've seen tons of new baby animals, watched pigs be washed and fed, they've fed chickens, helped gather and count chicken eggs, and there are always really nice people and friends there to play with. But it has never been very crowded so far either.  Can't wait to go back with Collin. We'll plan to be there every couple weeks or more during the summer.

Harriet having a gorgeous Dorothea Lange moment

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