May 22, 2016

One week

So I keep thinking today about how a week ago you came out of my body and into my life forever. You weren't here and then you were. (And I'm not pregnant anymore, wooo!!) It's mind boggling. I love you so much. We still don't really know each other yet. But I love you. We both got a little congested this week and the past 2 nights you've cried more and it has been a little more difficult to nurse. It reminds me that this journey will not be easy. I will have a big wake up call when dada and grandma are not here with me to help at all times. For a while we will take it easy, stay home a lot, stay in the back yard. I'm looking forward to life with my babies. What a wonderful life. I love having children. I love that you all are my whole world and are my hobbies and interests right now. Daddy and I think about you. We love you, worry about you, are proud of you and excited for your futures. 
Big brother and sissy love you and love each other. You lucky gal. 

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