May 4, 2016

May is here

I'm in a really good place as I prepare to give birth in the next few weeks. I feel Heavenly Father has blessed me immensely and that there are no obstacles standing in my way. I can just focus on birth without any distractions or fear or question. I can just focus on an easy comfortable birth full of adventure and intensities and surprises and detours, I'm sure, but safety happiness and wonder, I know.

I have felt strength, support and encouragement from my husband these past few weeks that have become invaluable to my emotional and mental preparation and physical health. 
He has truly sacrificed and supported me through this third pregnancy. We have enjoyed weekly and now daily birth practices and discussions which have brought us close. I happily welcome all the future holds for us. 

I have been attending a weekly prenatal yoga class with a woman named Alicia at Salt Lake prenatal massage and she has contributed so much to helping me reach within myself and say that I'm OK with what I see and feel. I've had the opportunity to contemplate many aspects of myself, made goals, had realizations, while also stretching and relaxing and toning and nurturing my own body and mind. I see strengths and weaknesses. I see a strong woman and also a compassionate nurturer. I need both of these to be mother to Frederick, Harriet and baby. 

Baby. I welcome you. I am ready for you, but I am patient. I don't feel the need for you to come right now. I feel I want to wait until you are ready and it's the time you choose.  My body feels big and also comfortable and quite beautiful! You have made a nice home. There is a loving one waiting for you in this new world. 

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