May 31, 2016


Collin- went grocery shopping last night and came home and cut up vegetables and prepped the whole fridge to make it easier for me. We have had some stresses that have come between us but are looking to find our way together in this new life. 

Freddie- is 4.5 and doesn't always listen the best but really had stepped it up in helping me. When I talk to him and tell him I need his help he really responds. 

Harriet- I've had to hide her clothes. Every time getting dressed is this giant ordeal with tears and changing a dozen times. She picks something and then somehow it becomes so emotional. So I hide her clothes and give her a few options to choose from. I want her to be able to pick and be creative. But right now I sometimes just need her to get dressed. This girl tries my patience like crazy but she is wonderful, special, creative, beautiful and sweet too.
Grandma bought her an Elsa doll while she was here and she carries it around with her EVERYWHERE every moment. She also named her "Anna." 

Ella- growing!!!!! Not that teeny tiny bird anymore! Filling or her newborn clothes. I've been working on her baby book, writing and gluing pictures in. It amazes me that I have another beautiful child. That no matter what happens, she is ours forever. We are we forever. She is precious. Each of my children were in this stage once and I love that seeing her and her movements, faces, mannerisms, remind me of them and moments we had together. Motherhood is the most fulfilling role I've ever had. It will continue to challenge and bless me for eternity. 

Dot- sweet patient kitty is here and loving and takes all the affection she can get. She is low man #4 these days and I don't always get to feed her right away but she is content and cuddly still. What a blessing she is, always. 

Last night was the first night I was on my own for bedtime. I was doing good, staying calm, but by the end there was screaming and we were all in tears. We all eventually fell asleep and it worked it. It will get better with time. I'm so thankful for the women and people I surround myself with physically and through technology. I was asking my friend some questions about nursing and she referred me to the LLL hotline. Duh, you would think I would have thought about that but I didn't and she did. And then another texted me back and forth with encouraging words that I can do this. I started feeling really lonely last night but sleep and the morning light heal me most often. 
Also-this scripture I read with the kids last night (and by the way, we were reading and I was trying and the kids were going a little nuts and the spirit told me to just read the one scripture. I didn't need to be ambitious. Just learn from his scripture.)
And it said...
To read the words of God to heal a wounded heart. I don't feel I have a wounded heart at the moment but I know Heavenly Father loves me and Collin and these babes. 

I've been reading the book, "the First Forty Days," about postpartum care. It is a beautiful eye-opening book. There are ideas and recipes for healthy and doable meals and advice on caring for myself, my babe, and my family. I highly recommend reading it in pregnancy to prepare. 

Sleep is scarce. I'm up a few times a night w Ella (lights on necessary to nurse and change diapers). Collin is exhausted too. But we are surviving and happy. 

Little strawberry 

Hattie loves our swingset in our side backyard and runs to it every chance she breaks free. We Love our yard but we know we need a fenced yard soon for these little explorers. 

Our place is on the right. I love it. 

Mama nursing and my little bookworms; this is real life. 

Sarah and Ete Ahping came to visit. 

This morning. Before Collin left for work and my first day with three kids on my own. And he's coming home early today so I'm breaking in gently. I got a sollybaby wrap this time (in place of my moby before) and I'm so glad!!!! It's so nice and soft and lightweight and perfect for us. It folds up tiny and goes in my bag and it's easy to pull up and nurse in without taking it off completely. I love love love it. I wouldn't be able to have 3 kids without baby wearing. No way. 

DELICIOUS Filling breakfast⏫⏫⏫
Almond butter and oats are amazingly delicious. Add a little bit of dark chocolate for a healthy way to beat sweets cravings. Blueberries and bananas and walnuts and granola and pumpkin seeds. So good. Plus the oats are a slow release energy source so it helps you stay fuller longer. Yum. 

My mom and Collin filled the house with flowers. Beautiful. 

Eating his cereal and almond milk. 

Peonies are beating out ranunculus for my fav flowers these days. 


  1. love, love, love your blog posts. When you're ready for it you should write a book about the adventures of parenting these days. Your children have strong personalities that are good cause for high adventure.
    love you

  2. love, love, love your blog posts. When you're ready for it you should write a book about the adventures of parenting these days. Your children have strong personalities that are good cause for high adventure.
    love you