May 31, 2011

grilled corn

Grilled corn is the best thing in the world. I love corn. I could eat it all day. Apparently that's bad. Oh well. I had the best weekend ever with CS, kitties, brother, friends, BBQ, swimming, lemonade stands, black bean burgers, teaching my Dad's 17-year-old church class, and once again CS. Man, I miss him when he's gone all day and it was the best to spend alllllllllll weekend together. Saturday we drove around Phx and found a bunch of potential places to live. I'm so glad it's him and me forever. I LOVE him.

Yesterday was a fun Memorial Day. I got to cross a couple of things off my summer fun 2011 list.

THE HORRIBLE PART: I was stung by a scorpion very badly. It was not my first time. I've been stung 7 times before, and THIS was the worst one yet. The little bugger got me and then ran off. I didn't even get to kill it. Ahhhh I hate them. Well, we called poison control, you know, with babe and all, and don't worry; it doesn't get in my blood stream so can't hurt little him or her. It was just shooting pain and numbness in my toe and foot for the rest of the day. All better when I woke up this morning.

Once again, crappy phone photos. I'm really getting lazy. Our camera is on the fritz, plus it was dead.

I love America. I love friends. I'm grateful for my siblings-in-law who sacrifice so much for our country. 

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  1. Love it! Grilled anything, right? So glad that you had a good weekend. And that you survived scorpio! Augh!!! You brave woman!