June 23, 2011

Blossom Birth Center Photos

Finally took some photos of the birth center at our appointment today.
My mom's sister from FL is visiting so they came and checked it out, too.
Another great appointment. I did the Glucose test today. 
So much anticipation because I have always heard about
how nasty it is. But they make their own...it's basically
just super sugary water. It wasn't so bad! 

They keep giving me videos to watch to prepare me for 
birth. I'm really getting into the squatting. 

Anyone give birth squatting or know anyone who did?

Dottie is just laying in my lap as I type right now and 
man, she's super cute. SUPER CUTE.

Photos of Blossom

1st birth suite:

2nd birth suite: I love the window; reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Kitchen area:

Isn't it pretty? Man, I just love it and I love the people who work there. The heartbeat was SO loud and strong this time!!! I finally get my 20 week ultrasound next week (at 28.5 weeks, hehe, due to moving, insurance change, etc) and I can't wait!


  1. that place looks beautiful! have you talked to marissa about her water birth experience? i'm not sure if she was a squatter or not, but you could ask.

  2. Wow this place is so beautiful!

    And squatting seemed so much more natural to me- I didn't get the chance to do it... but if Noah hadn't fired out of me like a cannon I would have! hehe

  3. Oh yeah! Great idea Erin! and Caley, that is awesome that Noah shot out of you like a cannon! hehe! I keep trying to picture my birth like that. just slipping right out, just slipping right out. :)