June 6, 2011

kick kick kick

this little dude kicks a lot. i love it. But of course he stops
the moment I tell someone to feel. (especially Collin, 
though he has felt it just a few times.)
And today is the start of my 26th week! Wowie!

Oh, so people always told me before how
everyone touches your belly when you're 
pregnant and how weird it is. 
I totally imagined as much.

but thus far not many have reached for a feel, and
honestly i really like it when they do for some reason.
So if you got the urge, I'm cool with it. :)

i subscribed to fit pregnancy a while ago, and it
still hasn't come.  Hurry! I'm more than half-way done!

I am very excited to try out some Aveda samples I got.
Man, I LOVE Aveda, and I'm so glad there is one close
with some gals i really love working there. 
My hair is completely different out west and has been
so incredibly dry. I could never use the Dry Remedy 
before, but I'm about to try, wahoo.

I think i want to start nesting now. 
But i need a nest first!!!!

My mom and I stopped by Goodwill today to 
check out the baby stuff sitch. (Katie Nelson says 
"sitch" a lot (as in situation) and I love it and I'm 
copying her because I want to be cool, too.)

But Goodwill. baby stuff. CS and I decided that rather than 
spend $400-500 on a crib, dresser, changing table EACH, 
we'd like to find our baby furniture and  fix it up.  I know a 
couple of gals who are really good at that and I'm going to 
be asking for help for sure. (Cat/Ashley/who else?).

I totally am getting good ideas for babe's room. 
i picture simple, soothing colors, a few art pieces 
on the wall, a few books, small basket with just
a few toys. I do not want a room full of gadgets and
gizmos all playing different sounds and flashing lights,
if possible

I know what I'm doing for a mobile. I'm making it 
and I'm so excited. I have just a few things, which 
I love so much, but half of them are in a box in storage
and I just really want to put them in my babe drawer 
with the rest. 

Collin is going to be home soon! and then
I'll kiss him and hug him and lure him to the

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  1. how is the house (apartment---whatever) search coming? and what are you doing for a mobile? rhett's broke, so i'd love to get another one for this kiddo.