June 30, 2011

kendra turns 27, visits, and popsicles!!

Joseph Money and I made popsicles. We said, "It's summer! We need popsicles!"

Three different kinds on the menu: Strawberry lemon zest, Lime-strawberry, and orange-pineapple. They had to freeze for  forever. More on this later.

Then the kitties both fell sleep with me. A cat-lover's dream come true. My three babes.

KENDRA! Smith! She's moving down south of us to be near husband in the National Guard, so stopped by.  Her birthday was the day before, so she got a DELICIOUS and pretty cake: Strawberry lemon vanilla made by ME!!!!! :) I was very proud.

And we busted out the popsicles.

Verdict: orange-pineapple was amazing delicious. Lime-strawberry was DISGUSTING and the other was alright. (other opinions varied.)

The kitties had to be separated last night because they've been keeping us up every night with their running around, chasing each other, play fighting (all on a wood floor so it's magnified.) I slept well, finally.

Anybody watch SYTYCD last night? It's our favorite show. My top favorite dances last night: Clarice and Jess (I don't care if Jess is weird-looking. He is INCREDIBLE. I love watching him dance!!!), Jordan and Tadd (bedroom dance), and Melanie and Marko (SOOO GOOD!)

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  1. YAY!!!! I love your popsicle verdicts!!!! I also love the 3 baby photos. Precious. Love you miss.