May 1, 2014

Freddie said...

(Another prayer)
"Thank you for my penis. Thank you for my [food]."

Collin: ...yeah cause Hattie can't talk yet...
Fred: she can talk to me.
Dad: oh really? What does she say to you? 
Fred: uh...."talk talk talk talk 
.....sing sing sing sing...."

Fred: this is the 101 and that's the 202 right there. (Talking highways.)

(My milk was spraying everywhere. He always thinks that's so funny...)
Fred: mama, what are you doing??
Me: making milk. What's your super power. (Jokingish)
Fred: penis

Fred was playing with his bug catching kit, which has a net, tweezers, magnifying glass, etc. Hattie tried to grab some of it and Fred said, "No! That's for boys!!"

Fred: be right back, everybody. I'm going to ARIZONA! (And unlocked, opened and walked right out the door.)

Fred: I'm SUPER MAN! I'm SPIDER-MAN!!! (Over and over and over all evening.)

He really never let up on this superman thing. Collin dressed him up proper. Where did he even get this? We don't discuss spider or super other than Collin saying once or twice that he wants to see the new Spider-man movie. So funny!!! What a boy! 


  1. hahaha. sounds just like rhett at that age! ollie has yet to discover penis talk.

    1. Hehe awesome!!!! I get so nervous about what he will say in public.....