August 22, 2011

After yesterday and the hard night for him/his heart on Sat night, he seems to be doing much better. He is on a medication that stabilizes his heart till it can totally heal. They should be sending him home today to recover. Then they will try for the next heart procedure to fix the quarter sized hole he's had since birth. It is a blessing that they found it at all (wouldn't have without doing that other procedure), a blessing that we live so close to the AZ heart hospital with AMAZING in the country for hearts....there are only a few doctors preforming BOTH of his surgeries in the COUNTRY. And he and we feel so loved by so many. After he rests a bit and gets better, hopefully in about a week, they will attempt to go in through a vein and plug up the hole with this "mini umbrella" type thing. This is a VERY new procedure. The doctor has only done 300, but none have been fatal. They get in, and if they can't do it, they don't. So if the hole is too big they will have to do open heart surgery. They will have to break his sternum and open his chest and he could be out for 3 months or so. (we talked to one of the nurses that had it done.) So we are DESPERATELY praying and hoping that 

1. the ablation scars over and is successful, and
2. he can get the first option, the non-surgical plug through the vein. 

I know that Heavenly Father has a plan and that everything will be okay. I know it. It's sometimes so hard to see past the trials right in front of me, but we all have faith. Collin assisted AJ in giving my dad a blessing of having faith last night. It was very special and beautiful. I know family is all that really matters. This little baby sure is lucky to be born into such a loving extended family and friends, huh? I hope I can be a worthy mother of such a special little being. I just get this feeling that there's something really good about him or her. 

Thank you for your prayers. Seriously, when someone says they are thinking of us and keeping us in their prayers, it makes me want to cry because I really feel it.

And this weekend we were supposed to be going to Tucson for Joseph and my dad's (he's the head coach) FIRST football game of the season. If you don't know my dad, playing and coaching Joseph in football and basketball are his true passions life. In fact, he keeps saying he has a testimony of sports and believes that's why he made it 51 years on this heart of his. He keeps saying he's going to be at the game. The doctors gave him an okay to walk around, go places, but take it easy, and that he wasn't allowed to PLAY who knows haha....what a funny guy, my dad. 

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