August 9, 2011

Elder Money alive and well

So I haven't had internet the past week or so, and I get this text last week sometime saying that the person is praying for our missionary in the DR and that 5000 have been evacuated. I'm like, WHAT? What happened? I try texting my mom and dad, who hardly respond. (minutes are out on phone for the month, so I had to stick to texting.) My mom writes back to check the internet. Later, I find out that there are crazy hurricanes on their way to Santo Domingo and that David's town, Barahona, has been evacuated. In the meantime, we've heard nothing from David or from his mission president, so we're all worried. We all include David in our fasts and prayers. I'm thinking he could be dead.

Here's his email from this past Monday:

So for pday today we got into the back of a truck in barahona and shipped up to the mountains. Like tons of people packed in there. And driving up forever. But it was the sickest view of the town of barahona and just the ocean right there. So awesome!! We got up to this unfinished house and got on top of it, and it was just the sickest most awesome view ever. It was awesome! we had to be packed in the back of a truck for forever to get there. Numb legs and everything, but it ended up being way worth it. Some member had a house way up there, so we made hotdogs in his house, then went out to the great view and then came back. The pictures really cannot do it justice, like always. But it was still cool. I just have no time to write now. 

Well I really have no time, I love you all. I am doing good, I will write more next week I promise. We are having success, even a family in church and two more men, It was way good. I will tell you more next week.

Elder Money

Mom - Dont worry I was way safe the whole time and having a ton of fun. Love you. See you in 3 months. By the way, I hit 21 months on thursday hahah. 


haha, looks like they had fun.
So basically, never listen to other people because they will just freak you out. 


  1. yikes! what a scare! I'm glad he was having fun the whole time hahaha
    I can't believe he'll be home in 3 months!

  2. seriously---that last sentence you wrote, please please remember it after skittlecore arrives. even if that includes me!