July 28, 2011

best date night: Laurie Notaro

I've been a fan and reader of humor author, Laurie Notaro since 2003. She's come to Phx for readings for years and I've NEVER been in town. Tonight was the night. Collin was my date. It was awesome. 

Idiot Girls Action Adventure Club::::::::

I told her I love her and she told me I smell good. 

The ever lovely, ANNE! She got us a seat and a good spot in the book signing line. Ohhhh yesss.

We had her make the book out to "Monte & Dot," OF COURSE. Laurie was like, Monte, Dot? And we were like, "no...they are our cats," hahahhaha. Then she was like, "I love my cats, too! Well, no, my cat's dead. I love my dog!" Then she showed us and picture and then we showed her a picture. It was great. 

HER INSCRIPTION: "Monte and Dot. You can't read. Your people don't seem to know that. Maybe with some black magic we can change that. Meow, Laurie Notaro."

HAHAHAHAH I love her even more now!!!! 

AND I got all sorts of pregnant perks: this lady let me cut her in line in the bathroom and I got a super comfy seat and my husband bought me delicious lemonade. 

New house! tomorrow!!!!! The kitties are SPAZING OUT like usual when moving and boxes and anything out of the ordinary happens. We're excited, too, little guys. 


  1. Awwww! I'm glad you had such a good time and really glad you could come! It was so good to see you! I love you!

  2. i have no idea who this is, but if you love her, then it sounds like a fabulous night!

  3. That's so awesome! What a clever lady :)
    Pregnant perks are the best part of being pregnant!!

  4. haha!! that is the best inscription ever!