January 19, 2012

freddie, moving up

Frederick, you are four months old! At your check up yesterday we learned you're now 25 inches long, and 15lbs 2oz. Doctor Cleary says you're growing big and strong and healthily. You are constantly talking, wanting to always be a part of the conversation. You love taking showers with us. You love doing anything with dad, such as playing the piano! You've recently discovered that your feet are the best things in the world and you put everything you can in your mouth. You got 2 more shots, and while I was a ball of nerves, you did really well. You cried just a little and then went to sleep. 
You notice the kitties all the time now, and I think you think they are totally crazy. 


1 comment:

  1. haha. we have that corduroy book!

    also, more videos please! it's so awesome to see freddie moving. i want more.