May 15, 2014

Adventures downtown

Wake up, get ready, feed everyone, say good bye, go to library or moms group or the ch museum....and then what??! This is everyday! There's so much time w two little ones not in school at home. Sometimes stay at home moms have to get creative.

I thought this night be a good idea...just right outside our door....
But I was wrong. It was horrible and uncomfortable and boring for Fred!! Haha.

So off to the train and an adventure downtown it was! We pack up LOTS of water, snacks, blankets, diapers, wipes, change of clothes, and load up on the sunblock...

We learned from last week that it's not cool to go to a destination that's. Half mile away from the train with these kids and all our junk. So this time we went to a park, city scape, which is on the light rail. It's so great except the crazy screaming lady and passed out guy and the grass..,but seriously Fred loved climbing, running, chasing crazy pigeons, and playing ball with a really nice couple. Only problem was that he kept running away..haha so when I had to nurse Hattie I had to strap him into his stroller. He did NOT like that and kept telling me he was stuck and to let him out. Haha it was cute. But hey he'd been warned! After that he was super cooperative and we just walked around the city for a while. Hattie was asleep and Fred getting sleepy so spent much of the time in the stroller. I love walking around and pushing/carrying my kids in the city. It makes me feel....content and free and like my old self again.  You know....long ago. But I love this life I have.  Love that he traces these shapes and notices little details.

"Drive w me, mom."

We wakes around till Collin came and picked us up in the car. Then crash.
Collin took me to our favorite place.

A lovely afternoon with the loves of my life and a lovely dinner w two sleeping kids and my best friend. CS, we should move to the city.

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