May 13, 2014

Favorite stills from the Mother's Day weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up and Collin had a haircut at a nearby Aveda salon and Hattie and I went and did some shopping. I got my mom a really cool looking book filled with questions about her past with lots of space to write at Frances Boutique and also got a selections waffle from waffle crush, the best place in the land!!! They now have fresh peaches and I had one w biscoff (I made the mistake of not getting this once and it WAS a mistake I will NEVER repeat) biscoff, peaches and cream. Oh man, delish. I got Collin one w cinn/sugar, cream chz frosting (his go-to) and peaches on top. Yumma Yumma.

Here's me in Mother's Day breastfeeding waffle bliss!!! Love those babe arms!! Hattie was a great shopping partner and she and I lauged and laughed about all the fun we are going to have spending all of daddy's money!!!! (Hehehhehahah...yeah right!)

Then off to good friends, the Hughes, home for their sons 4-y-o duck dynasty bday party!!!! Hahhaa his mom said she kept trying to get him to choose a difference theme but that he was relentless soooo....they embraced it!!! It was so much fun!!! This was in the middle of each table.. So awesome.
Katie and Eve!!! I love this women and her beautiful daughter so much and will miss them when they move out to Philadelphia this summer. (Also I'm so jealous!! It's my dream to live there.) CS we have to plan a trip in the next year to DC to visit Erin and Natalie and then to Phili to visit the Nelsons. We will stop by pitman too!!! Okay, E? N?
These girls were just giggling and playing. So sweet!!

Then to the moneys to celebrate Mother's Day w them. We went swimming and grilled and watched the movie, Marley and Me after they'd been begging for us to watch it w them for weeks!!!! I was NOT interested in seeing a "dog movie." But man..I was wrong. That movie was so good and so sweet. Loved it 100%.
It was chilly at first but the water was beautiful and super fun. Fred and Hattie love it. Well Hattie is like her dad and really really doesn't like cold water but we made her get in and she had fun. Daddyo too.  We all got a little burnt.

 My friend, Amy's, sweet baby girl, Valentina nursing and snoozing. This is the outfit we got her. I can't wait to meet her.  Amy is such a great mom and I can't wait to visit w them all up in Denver...soon I hope/wish! If only we had money for all these travels. That's all I need.
I love my mothers day card.

Collin took the kids and let me sleep in Sunday morning. church was excellent (more on that later...) and afterward we all napped and Collin made dinner, cleaned the tub, and did the dishes. After the kids went to bed, we started Salinger, a film about JD on netflix. It's soooooooo good so far. I'm a very very big fan. We will finish it tonight. 
My mom and me. Love her. That hair is crazy though...
This is us on Monday. Swim class is Monday mornings near her home. She comes w me to help with Fred while I am in the pool w Hattie and then we go to her house to nap, eat, and play in the afternoon. We have been spending as much time as possible outside. We've had some hot days lately but it's still mostly windy and beautiful.
We read the children's friend, colored, and prepared the lesson for fhe. Hattie payed w leaves. Tried to eat them all.
Fred doin the lesson on Samuel the lamenite. Turned out so great. We grilled burgers again in our home this time because the propane at the grill at the pool was out. Never again will we grill burgers in the house as smoke FILLED the house and the fire alarm went off at least 3 times and our house still smells like a burger joint. Yikes. They were good though and we are out on the porch.
Love this guy.

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