May 19, 2014

Freddie said....

Fred: (singing) melted ice...melted ice..turn away and slam the door. Here I stand, melted ice, melted ice! 

Fred: (while laying in bed at gmas about to go to sleep...well, me trying to get him to sleep..) I want to go to mommy's home. 
Me: we will
Fred: let's go right now, mommy.
Me: right now we are going to bed at grandmas. We will go get daddy from the airport on Thursday and go to our home. 
Fred: ooooh okay. I'll drive and you'll sit in my car seat. 

Me: (showing a picture of smith and me on our wedding day) who's this?
Fred: mommy and daddyo
Me: that's right. We got married in the Mesa temple.
Fred: you followed the prophet 
---look, this was a sweet one. They are learning follow the prophet in church and he loves that song---

(We were driving and minutes from home, Hattie started crying hard.)
Fred: DADDYO STOP! STOP!! She needs milk!!!!!

His new thing to do all the time--we're driving and he'll say, "Stop! Stop! I need to tell you something!" 
And I'll say, "can't stop, buddy. I'm driving." And he'll remind me, "there will be a red light and you'll have to stop." 

Listening to Katy perry on radio...
......past the breaking point...blah held me down...
I change the station
Fred: I want "but I got up!"
(Sad day. He knows the lyrics to that song.)

(At bedtime)
Fred (to daddy): You were at work. (Then gave Collin the biggest hug.) I missed you!! 
(Then looked at me) I missed you too, mommy. You went to God.

Don't get the wrong idea....he's been refusing to pray at all lately. But outta no where I walked in on him praying the other day. Hehe love it. Yeah pray that pizza pocket doesn't kill ya...cause it's not real food. 

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  1. Love how his thoughts are a combo of random and totally sensible!