May 8, 2014

Mama mom mommy mother

Today I was reading in Aprils ensign about celebrating nurturers and I looked at my two sleeping cherubs and my heart gushed and grew for them. I was in anguish, repenting for not being better, so thankful I have any part in their lives. Then I watched this:

And my heart burst with love for them the whole time, until the end, when I realized this video wasn't about me; it was about my own mother. It was her. She raised my brothers and me. She did so much and sacrificed every day for us, and most of the time we didn't even realize it. And thinking about all of this made me want to do and be better and work harder for my babies and my husband and even Montgomery and Dot. 

My mom, mother in law, sisters in law, and best friends are all amazing women and mothers and nurtures. I love me very much. Good night. 

Ps. Freddie's rate is 50/50 for if he will pose or smile when I ask him to for a picture. But ask him to lay down and take a picture with Hattie and he's there 100%. 

(My dad's parents w their eldest child, Suzanne. I have a journal of my grandpa's from this time which has been such a blessing to me.)

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