May 15, 2014


Feeding the ducks the other day...and met an old man from the Far East who guess I was Mormon and then told me about his connection to the church for an hour! Phew! What an interesting guy he was. We will see him again. He was surprised at the freedom I gave Frederick to run around the pond and commented that in his culture they are very protective of their young and would never allow something like that...but that maybe if they did they would be more daring and courageous! He told me I'm doing a good job as a mom...which was nice to hear even if he doesn't even know me haha!

Baby ducks!

When Collin gets home we hurry and make the most of the light and play time before dinner and bed. We have been swimming, and both the kids are doing awesome in swim survival class, btw. Fred even got a ribbon for being happy in class the other day :) he will sometimes vountarily put his head under water!! Big improvement I must say!! Hattie is starting to like the water a lot!!! It's all about repetition and programming their brains to react certain ways if they fall in a pool. We say, "bubbles," and out them into the water, and she doesn't sputter and choke and has started even closing her eyes so tightly before I put her under!!!! Hehehhe her doing that is burned into the back of my mind and it makes me so so happy. We love love love this sweet Hattie girl. Frederick totally adores her. In the morning he says, "good morning, Hattie!!!!" Mans tells me to tell her good morning. 

The pool. Though he's taking the survival classes, Fred still doesn't swim but he wears his vest and stays on the steps and it's great. But even better when daddyo join us RIGHT when he gets off the bus!!!

Busted out the big catching kit and looked for bugs tonight. Collin his his fake bugs all over and tomorrow we are going to search for real bugs. Frederick LOVES it. So. Much.

Jungle cat...

My sweet little explorer. Man oh man I love em.

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